Spectrum Dynamics Medical ENG

Spectrum Dynamics Medical – fully digital systems for nuclear medicine

In our portfolio, we have fully digital SPECT gamma cameras with semiconductor detectors and CZT crystals.

Gamma-camera dedicated for cardiology is able to perform acquisition in sitting and lying position without any moving parts. Myocardial perfusion study can be obtained in 2 minutes with resolution comparable with PET. Gammacamera D-SPECT allows for dynamic acquisition to assess flow reserve.

Systems for whole-body imaging (SPECT only and SPECT/CT versions) are constructed with 12 small and independent CZT detectors for automatic positioning in the closest position to the body.

System allows for cardiac scans as described for the D-SPECT system, whole-body bone scan in less than 18 minutes, neuro examinations with sensitivity three times higher than with an analogue gamma camera with flat, large field-of-view detectors.


  • D-SPECT Cardio        Gamma camera SPECT for cardiology
  • VERITON                       Gamma camera SPECT for whole body imaging
  • VERITON CT                System SPECT/CT for whole body imaging

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