Qfix ENG

Patient positioning and immobilization systems in radiotherapy

Qfix solutions are innovative and directed to professional medical usage. The most recognized product is Aqualplast RT™ low-temperature thermoplastic mask. It was introduced to the market 35 years ago. Next step of development was Fiberplast™, Kevlar® reinforced masks with higher stiffness. Other unique solution is kVue™ IGRT Couch Top–tabletop that can be adjusted for individual needs of the patients for therapeutic procedures of head and neck, breast, lungs, prostate and many others. No other product is covering such vide and comprehensive solutions for kV imaging and MV therapy. For example, kVue with DoseMax™ insert, that is equivalent to 2 mm of water, combines unique stiffness and ultra-low dose absorption.

  • Aquaplast RT™ i Fibreplast™
    • Standard and reinforced masks for high-stiffness
  • Couch Tops & CT Overlays
    • kVue™, kVue Inserts, kVue™ CT Overlays, QUANTUM™ CT Overlays, Calypso®
  • SRS i SRT solutions
    • Encompass™ SRS Immobilization System
  • Intracranial systems
  • Head & Neck
    • Portrait™ Head & Neck Device, AccuFix™, BoS™ Headframe, Tilt-Pro™,
      Tilting Base, MOLDCARE® Cushions, Silverman Head Supports,Direct Indexing™ Adapters
  • SBRT systems
    • DoseMax™, Stradivarius™
  • Breasts and spine
    • Access™ Supine Devices, QUEST™, kVue™ Access 360™ Prone BreastInsert, Access™ Prone Breast Device, Cosmas™ Cup
  • Respiratory gaiting
    • SDX™
  • Prostate, hip, bone and limbs
    • SofTouch™, Qfix™ Carbon Fiber Pelvis System, Aquaplast RT™ & Fibreplast™ for the Pelvis
  • MRI
    • Insight™, Encompass™ SRS MRI Stand Alone Device, Portrait™ MR Head &Neck Device, AccuFix™, Polycarbonate Headboard, BoS™, Access™ Supine Breast Device, ArmShuttle™ Elite, Access™ Prone Breast Device, VacQfix™ Cushions, SofTouch™ Couch Top Pad, SofTouch™ Elite Bellyboard, SofTouch™ Knee Wedge & Foot Block
  • Proton therapy
    • kVue™ One Proton Couch Top, QUANTUM™, BoS™ Headframe, kVue™ Portrait™ Proton,
  • Markers
    • Qfix Gold™ Fiducial Markers, ShadowForm™ Markers, Suremark™, Suremark™ Liquimark
  • Accessories
    • VacQfix™ Cushions, Foam Positioners, TIMO Head & Neck Support Cushions, Foam Positioning Cushions, SofTouch™ Couch Top Pad, SofTouch™ Knee Wedge & Foot Block, Aquaplast RT Custom Bolus™, Stainless Steel Aquapan/Compact Aquapan/Aquapan Cart, Grip Rings, Sharpie® , DecoColor™ Markers, Storage Accessories

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